Greg Lauren Launches First Collection at Barneys New York

Some families just have that dynastic gene.

We all know about the Kennedys and the Bushes, but now it appears that the Laurens have joined their ranks.

Last week, Greg Lauren — artist and nephew to a certain Ralph Lauren — celebrated the launch of the Greg Lauren Collection at Barneys New York’s flagship on Madison Avenue. (Barneys Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan was on hand as master of ceremonies: make sure to watch the video here.)

Greg Lauren jackets and artwork hang side-by-side at the Barneys launch event

If Uncle Ralph’s clothes are largely about immaculate presentation, Greg Lauren’s clothes are infinitely more irreverent.  Showcased at the event: one-of-a-kind deconstructed tuxedos and field jackets made from vintage military duffels, army tents, and sailor uniforms.  Brass buttons curved up the spines of jackets; chic-ly unraveled threads tendrilled down from sleeves.

In other words: classicism ripped up and restitched in a rather rebellious way.  (Mr. Lauren tells us about his favorite rebels and iconoclasts here.)

“The clothes are made with the spontaneity and inspiration of creating a painting,” Mr. Lauren told Barneys New York. “They embrace imperfection rather than perfection.”

Greg Lauren was already a well-known name in the art scene.  In fact, his foray into fashion stemmed from his “Alteration” exhibition, presented in New York and Los Angeles last year. The project explored heroic imagery the construction of iconic menswear garments — and Mr. Lauren taught himself to sew to create elements of the installation, including life-size tuxedos and three-piece suits crafted out of paper.

Mr. Lauren will attend additional events to be held later in February and in March at Barneys New York flagship stores in across the country.

Stop by and pick up a bit of customized, well-tailored rebellion for yourself – or shop the collection online at

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Greg Lauren Collection shoes

Upcoming Greg Lauren events

Beverly Hills – Saturday, February 26th. Greg Lauren will attend from 1-3 pm on the 4th Floor.

Chicago – Saturday, March 5th. Greg Lauren will attend from 1-3 pm on the 4th Floor.

• San Francisco – Saturday, March 19th. Greg Lauren will attend from 2-4 pm on the 5th Floor.

Photographs of Greg Lauren and Greg Lauren Collection shoes were taken by Joe Schildhorn at