With its clean lines and monochromatic look, the Horizon may not be the loudest bag on the block, but it certainly packs the most punch. Launching with the Fall 2016 Givenchy collection, the Riccardo Tisci-designed bag joins the much-coveted ranks of the Nightingale, Pandora, and the Antigona, while making a statement all its own.

GIVENCHY Horizon Medium Bag

As its forward-looking name would suggest, the Horizon embraces a fresh, sophisticated turn for Givenchy leather goods—a clean style that’s matured along with Tisci, who pared back the accouterment to let the bag’s form shine. “I wanted to launch a more classic bag, more for a mature woman: with less metal, more elegance, more chic, more luxurious-looking,” the designer explains.

The most defining elements of the bag are its straight lines and right angles, which are emphasized by a monochromatic look, seamless handles, and—most notably—a horizontal band that wraps around the top. The bag also features expandable side panels, a removable shoulder strap, and calfskin lining.

GIVENCHY Horizon Small Bag

Perhaps most striking, though, is that despite its sturdy structure and robust construction, the bag is surprisingly lightweight, creating a grab-and-go feeling that’s so desirable in an It Bag. That light feel and clean look lend themselves to unique versatility. In its smallest incarnation, the Horizon channels a polished-yet-youthful vibe when worn crossbody style, while its medium-size counterpart makes a dynamic statement when carried by hand.
Capture_171Tisci attributes his design inspiration to trusting his gut and putting an emphasis on creating a selection of iconic styles that are open to reinterpretation, rather than on creating more and more new styles. With the Horizon bag’s immaculate execution and timeless modernity, we have no doubt that it will remain a Must. Have. Bag. for a very long time to come.


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