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Liberté, Egalité & Serge Gainsbourg: Rocking Out with Frenchman Gilles Mendel

There are scores of designers that take inspiration from music, but Gilles Mendel, mastermind couturier of J. Mendel, is particularly close to the subject at hand: Mendel himself is a musician and even dreamed of making a career out of it before becoming a designer. (Little known fact: He covered “Horse With No Name” at his first concert with his college band Silver Hill.)

So we couldn’t help but ask Gilles for a playlist of the tunes he’s listening to now. “I tend to keep things classic, with a romantic edge,” he told us. (The same could be said of his gowns, no?) “This playlist is a mix of what I’ve been listening to for a long time. They’re the songs that bring my spirits up.”

We invite you to rock with us:


Main image courtesy of Bernhard Benke