Named “Frost Bitten” by Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page, this look is all about contrast and reflection. It was inspired by the textured, asymmetric layers and silhouettes of the Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2012 collection. The collection’s fabrics—with their almost liquid movement—were the perfect complement to the bright, flushed face Dick created.

The Zero + Maria Cornejo face featured clean, touchable skin. The frostbitten flush created the illusion of brightness, energy and reflection. First, Dick started with a clean, well-moisturized base by applying the Lacquer Rouge in Drama (launching fall 2012) to the apples of the cheek, and blending up and out toward the hairline. He also applied the lipstick color along the bridge of nose, finishing with a flash of color on the forehead. (Tip: Make sure the skin is still moist before applying color with a sponge; finish blending with a brush.)

The eyes were treated to a soft palette of pale pinks and whites for a hazy, halo effect. First, Dick mixed the (3) Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Mist and (1) Pale Shell, blending it over the eye, slightly above the crease and beneath the lower lash line. He then diffused the color to create a haze around the eye. With a damp fluff brush, he applied the (2) Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Paperwhite along the upper lash line to accent and add weight to the upper lid. No mascara was used, and brows were kept natural.

Minimal color accentuated by the natural shape of the cupid’s bow left lips subtly flushed. Dick dabbed Lacquer Rouge in Portrait (launching fall 2012) onto the lip. He then highlighted the cupid’s bow using a combination of the (3) Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Mist and (1) Pale Shell.

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