You’re Invited: GAGA’S WORKSHOP Is Now Open!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Gaga’s workshoppers, busily toiling away at GAGA’S WORKSHOP, which opened at 11:59pm on November 21 at Barneys’ Madison Avenue store.

There’s no doubt about it: once you set foot into this utterly magical world, you’ll be too excited to sleep. Luckily for you, Barneys is pulling its first all-nighter ever in honor of the event, so whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can help us kick off the holiday season in proper Gaga style.

What’s in store? Visitors to the workshop will catch the first glimpse of our Gaga-inspired windows. And once you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll walk through the giant monster-like Gaga mouth that will take over our 60th Street entrance.

Upstairs, the entire 5th floor of the men’s store has been transformed into 5,500 unforgettable square feet of Gaga-dom. Conceptualized by creative talents Nicola Formichetti, Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of assume vivid astro focus (avaf), and Barneys’ Creative Director Dennis Freedman, the workshop combines vivid color, bold patterns, and wildly imaginative art installations (don’t miss the oversized Lady Gaga-turned-spider), with a whimsical retail environment.

Featured products from GAGA'S WORKSHOP.

Riffing on the idea of the traditional holiday workshop, GAGA’S WORKSHOP will have eight stations including a Candy Shop, Toy Shop, Closet (for apparel and accessories), Library (for books, CDs, media, and paper goods), Gallery (for collectibles and specialty items), Jewelry, Boudoir (for candles and cosmetics), and Holiday.

The workshop will feature limited-edition goodies that won’t last long, so order yours now or stop by the workshop to browse the entire selection. This is one holiday indulgence you can feel good about: 25% of sales from items featured in GAGA’S WORKSHOP will benefit the Born This Way Foundation, recently founded by Lady Gaga and her mother to promote youth empowerment.

GAGA’S WORKSHOP will run through January 2, but that’s no reason to delay. We’ll see you tonight, with bells on!

Can’t make it to the workshop? Visit our GAGA’S WORKSHOP micro-site and experience the action digitally:

- Tory Hoen

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