Once we learned how to pronounce Hoorsenbuhs (HORS-en-boose), it didn’t take long for us to start shouting it from our Madison Avenue rooftop. Between their commitment to ethically sourced stones and penchant for timeless designs, what’s not to love about this jewelry line?

Today we have additional cause for celebration: Hoorsenbuhs’ new bridal collaboration with Forevermark, a collection of the world’s most carefully selected diamonds, exclusive to Barneys New York.

For diamonds to pass muster, they are judged not only by the industry’s standard “Four Cs” (cut, color, clarity and carat), but also, and perhaps most importantly, a fifth—they are conflict-free.  Every partner mine must measure up to exceptionally high business, social and environmental standards, leaving less than 1 percent of the world’s diamonds eligible to become a Forevermark.

The Hoorsenbuhs collection is also making headlines for another good reason: “While we offer engagement rings within the scope of many of our collections,” says Barneys’ senior buyer Gretta Van Leuven, “this collaboration is the first designed specifically for the bride and groom.”  That’s right, folks—we’re making Barneys New York history.

“Creatively, it’s been wonderful to design something with such meaning—an entire set of new principles to consider,” designer Robert Keith tells us. But fans of Hoorsenbuhs will be excited to see their signature tri-link, an elegant interpretation of an anchor chain, gracing the setting of each solitaire. The motif, which Van Leuven describes as conveying “both beauty and strength,” is subtle though. Really, these pieces serve to highlight the beauty of the diamond. “Designing around these breathtaking, beautiful diamonds has made our creations interesting because you don’t want anything to disrupt what’s already perfect,” adds Keith.

For the bride, it’s a win-win. She “will feel confident in her design choice as well as having a clean conscience.  We like that,” points out Van Leuven.

So go on and bling responsibly.