“I really wanted a space that would transcend an office environment, where I could have clients come in and feel really comfortable,” explains Ana Khouri of her decision to open doors to a new workspace earlier this year. Though she still conducts business from her head office uptown, the new digs on Lafayette Street were designed to convey the ease of a personal apartment and act as a showroom and creative sanctuary. “For me, this space was so important for providing a place to be alone with my creative process in a clean space surrounded by things that I like. I sit here at the desk feeling calm, and I create.”

For Khouri, feeling calm comes down to a less-is-more approach that focuses on Mid-Century and Brazilian modernist design. “If I’m in a place that has too much information, it becomes distracting. I love sourcing furniture and hunting down good pieces. I source here in New York, flea markets in Paris, and Brazilian furniture is amazing. My desk is by Tenreiro, an amazing Brazilian modernist. I also love Scandinavian. It’s all about mixing.”

Below, we learn more about Khouri’s artful knack of mixing, including how it applies to her current collection, which is aptly titled “Dichotomy.”

The space features a mix of pieces by Lichtenstein and Richard Prince, as well as lesser known artists like Rosângela Reno, Marcelo Cidade, and Melissa Carroll.

“I’ve been collecting art for a while. It ranges from pieces by people who graduated from art school with me to Lichtenstein—it’s really a mix. It’s never about the price or how important the piece is; it’s about how the art touches you and connects with you. These pieces inspire me.”

ANA KHOURI Inez Hair Clip / ANA KHOURI Martha Earrings

“I do a presentation once a year in Paris, and it’s the only exhibition that I do. Because I started as an artist and sculptor, I approach presenting my collections as I would a collection of art. I always name the presentation, and this year it was ‘Dichotomy.'”


“In the jewelry world, a lot of value is placed on the price point and the luxury associated with the stones. Sometimes, the design is left behind because the emphasis is so much on the best gems and materials—the sense of design lacks. I wanted to explore the idea of value associated with the idea of beauty and design. You see, you can actually find design in everyday materials, not just luxurious ones. So I looked at metal tubes, computer plates, brillos—everyday things from everyday life, and they are beautiful even if they aren’t expensive. It’s about examining this dichotomy in the luxury world around the question of what is design.”

ANA KHOURI Mirian Open-Band Bracelet / ANA KHOURI Mirian Open-Band Ring / ANA KHOURI Mirian Cuff-Ring
ANA KHOURI Simplicity Ear Cuff / ANA KHOURI Mirian Studs / ANA KHOURI Iolanda Open Ear Cuffs

“Quality is always important too, and we always work with fair trade gold. It’s not that we care only about the design and not the material; we are always connecting the dots. Sourcing materials fairly is extremely important.”


“My jewlery is about a connection to the body and molding the piece to the body, so the lines and curves of the pieces come alive as they connect to those of a woman’s body, enhancing it. It’s about bringing the right attention to the right place.”


“My evolving work comes from working around the body form, and you can see that in the way I’ve evolved my earrings and cuffs throughout the years. I’m always pushing myself to find new ways of expressing this. This season, it was a connecting organic forms to my aesthetic.”


“I always do projects that really challenge me to push forward. I always want to feel that I’m doing something meaningful, not just what sells.”




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