“Even though Barneys may not understand his Italian, they fully understand his fashion.”

So quotes a television commercial for Giorgio Armani at Barneys New York from 1976, and the words still ring true today—although we may have picked up a bit of Italian in the last 37 years. Yes, our relationship with the Italian fashion maestro goes way back, and we couldn’t help but share this gem of a TV spot to honor the great Mr. Armani. But first: a few words from our EVP of Men’s, Tom Kalenderian.

When we learned that Mr. Armani would be visiting New York this month, we immediately decided to celebrate our long history with the Giorgio Armani brand and to honor Mr. Armani in a special way.

Having been associated with the Giorgio Armani brand since the mid ‘70s, the collaboration between Barneys and Giorgio Armani remains special.

Just as it was significant when Barneys created a television commercial to introduce Mr. Armani to America in 1976, it seemed only appropriate to air this film in our windows, reaffirming our sincere affection and immense respect for Mr. Armani and his great contribution to Italian fashion.

The film is simple yet poignant. It gives us what feels to be a privileged view into the privacy of the atelier with the designer at work, creating what we would all come to know to become a signature style that would change the face of menswear for all time.

-Tom Kalenderian, EVP, GMM, Men’s & Chelsea Passage

Watch the video below, check out a few our favorite print ads from the Barneys archive, and of course, stop by our Madison Avenue Windows to see our celebration of all things Armani.


Armani 1978