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From Sea to Skin: The Story of LA MER

The story behind Crème de la Mer has become a legend among those who know it. Fifty years ago, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber was part of a lab procedure gone awry, leaving him scarred with chemical burns. At the time, doctors had no way to heal the appearance of his skin—so he set out to invent one.

Looking to the sea, Dr. Huber discovered a type of sea kelp off the Pacific coast with an incredible ability to regenerate itself, growing up to two feet a day. After combining the nutrient-rich plant with vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other natural ingredients, he biofermented the concoction using light and sound to help boost its powers (oh, to be an aerospace physicist).

It took twelve years and 6,000 experiments, but the outcome—La Mer’s Miracle Broth—was transformational and now lies at the heart of the La Mer skincare line. Over time, as Huber discovered, firmness and radiance are restored, wrinkles and irritation look dramatically reduced.

Today, La Mer still formulates the Miracle Broth using Dr. Huber’s process, harvesting the sea kelp sustainably and by hand. And as a tribute to his legacy, La Mer has made a deep commitment to supporting the oceans. Since 2005, the line has partnered with Oceana, an ocean-conservation group. In honor of World’s Ocean Day on June 8, a time to recognize the importance of the sea, La Mer will make a donation to Oceana in support of their Habitat Protection Campaign.

Talk about an uplifting story.

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