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Francesco Russo’s 8 Essentials For A Mediterranean Getaway

As you hit the social circuit this summer, expect to do a double take. Not only will you see sky-high Sergio Rossi sandals on the chicest women in the room, but you’ll also spot the brand’s new menswear line—a collection of traditional silhouettes with edgy updates—on the feet of their dates.

As for the man behind this dynamic footwear duo? Francesco Russo, Creative Director at Sergio Rossi for the past four years, will steer clear of the parties and pavement where his shoes are certain to be ubiquitous.

Instead, he’ll be taking a much-deserved holiday, with a trip planned to Linosa, a tiny island (population: 450) in the Mediterranean. “It is one of my favorite places in Sicily,” he says. “In Linosa there are no cars, vegetation is wild and there are very few people living there. It is the ideal place to spend holidays and take time to chill out and think! Every other place will be overcrowded!”

Here, Francesco Russo’s eight summer essentials for getting the most out of his holiday…

1. My two dogs, Tito and Augusto.

2. Espadrilles—easy to wear and perfect for every kind of outfit. So comfortable for the summer.

3. Boats—I love spending time on boats. I think it is the only way to completely feel and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

4. A swimsuit—a must-have for summer holidays!

5. A glass of Greco di Tufo—this is the best wine for summer sunsets!

6. At least 10 books—reading is the only way to regenerate my mind.

7. An iPod.

8. The pescheria, or local fish market, to get the freshest fish (and maybe some local recipes).

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All images courtesy of Francesco Russo.