Feeling Regal? Look The Part in LARKSPUR & HAWK

Feeling Regal? Look The Part In LARKSPUR & HAWK

Do you ever wake up and think to yourself, “Today I shall be an 18th century royal!”

No? Well, you really should—it does wonders for your self-esteem. Plus, dressing the part is enormously fun. We’ll eschew the corset and Marie Antoinette updo, thank you very much, but the jewels? Yes, please.

At this point, there’s only one woman to turn to: the inimitable Emily Satloff. An expert curator of 18th and 19th century jewelry—with a graduate degree in decorative arts and a stint at the Metropolitan Muesum of Art under her belt—Satloff became a designer in her own right with an antique-inspired collection called Larkspur & Hawk.

Satloff’s designs for Larkspur & Hawk stand out because they actually stand for something—namely expert craftsmanship and old-world technique. All of her jewelry is hand-crafted in New York City, and she uses a Victorian-era process in which gemstones are set against colored foil, saturating them with a brilliant depth of color and enhancing their natural light-catching property. It’s rarely found in pieces that aren’t antiques, so be prepared to field compliments and queries.

While all of Satloff’s designs make us giddy with covetousness, the Olivia Button Riviere is in a class by itself. Available in both grey and green, it takes its name from the French term for “river”—and who can resist the poetry of wearing a river of gemstones? Whether you pair it with a ball gown or a crisp white button-down, this is a piece with inherent heirloom status.

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- Alexandra Andrews