Father's Day

BORSALINO Straw Hat: Whether he’s visiting us in the city or we’re at the park with the grandkids, Dad loves to sport a hat and has been doing so as long as we can remember. This one is perfect for summer.

WANT LES ESSENTIELS Hartsfield Weekender Bag: Our dad and mom often come to visit us in Montreal on the weekends, and the Hartsfield is perfect for their weekend getaways.

WANT LES ESSENTIELS Bradley Bi-Fold Wallet: We gifted our dad a black Bradley about 6 years ago, and he still uses it every day. Time for an update!

ABRAMS BOOKS The New York Botanical Garden: Revised & Updated Edition: Gardening is one of Dad’s favorite hobbies.

BARNEYS NEW YORK Paisley Twill Pocket Square: When he wants to dress up a look, he often adds a pocket square to a blazer, and we love the subtle flair of these Barneys ones.

Similar UNIFORM WARES Watch: Dad loves a watch, and this is a smart everyday one.



Father's Day

HARRY’S Brass Shave Set: Pops taught me how to shave many, many moons ago. A lot has changed since then (product wise); this is how I’d return the favor.

BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato Crisscross-Strap Slides: While I’m completely afraid of showing off my feet in public, my dad was just born with the nonchalance to pull it off.

PERSOL Rectangular Sunglasses: Modern update on a classic frame, perfect for someone who doesn’t want to stray too far from comfortable style.

SATURDAYS SURF NYC Botanical-Print Short-Sleeve Shirt: My parents love to go on cruises, and I’d love to see Dad having a piña colada on the deck wearing this number.

HELMUT LANG Drawstring-Waist Shorts: A nice pair of shorts he can wear when laying out on the deck of the ship or hitting the gym for a quick workout while on vacation.

JACK SPADE Waxwear Commuter Briefcase: He works on a college university campus. This bag gives him the perfect utility to carry his laptop without being flashy—yet “with the times” enough for a millennial-swarmed campus.




Father's Day

BARNEYS NEW YORK Ostrich Billfold: I’ve always wanted an ostrich anything, so my father must too.

INCOTEX Twill Marvis Trousers: Every man needs a pair of sharkskin trousers! These are high-waisted, just like his son tells him to wear his pants.

TOM FORD Noir Deodorant Stick: Because he’s a shvitzer and likes a good scent.

BARNEYS NEW YORK Birdseye Mid-Calf Socks: I love this shade of green, and while my father only wears black and white, he enjoys a slightly colored sock. This won’t scare him (I hope).

BARNEYS NEW YORK Medallion Necktie: I’m not one to mess with tradition, and it wouldn’t be Father’s Day if I didn’t include a tie for tatty.

NEW BALANCE 990 Sneakers: Every sensible man who walks in this city wears New Balance, right?



Father's Day

TOD’S Braided-Tie Drivers: Dad loves driving classic cars, which warrants classic driving footwear.

PERSOL Icon Sunglasses: My father’s 1968 Mustang isn’t the 390 GT fastback featured in Bullitt, but with a pair of Steve McQueen-style Persols, it doesn’t matter.

OFFICINE GENERALE “Dragon” Bomber JacketIn many ways, my sense of style comes directly from my father. He’s never flashy and appreciates simplicity, quality, and subtlety. That’s why this suede bomber is perfect.

NATIVE UNION CLIC Wooden iPhone® 6 Case: Slick with an organic-style finish for a man on the go.

BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato Loop Key Chain: The color of this Bottega Veneta keychain will complement any one of my dad’s three vintage Mustangs.

VALEXTRA Zip-Around Card Case: Because every detail matters. Even the ones people don’t see all the time.




Father's Day

BARNEYS NEW YORK Stick Umbrella: My father, never missing the opportunity to accessorize, has a thing for exceptionally nice umbrellas. I think this beauty is just the one to add to the collection.

BARTON PERREIRA Dillinger Sunglasses: He’s a big believer in sticking with the classics, but without being stuffy. He understands that to have style one must show a little originality and personal flair. That’s why I love these sunglasses—they have that perfect 1950s American abroad feeling, classic with a bit of savoir faire.

GILES AND BROTHER Twisted Cuff / Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff / Latch Cuff Bracelet: As I was saying, my dad’s approach to style has really shaped everything I do, from the way I dress to the work and design. Thanks again, Dad!

BARBISIO Straw Hat: Speaking of classics, what’s a tour around the Med. without the perfect Panama hat?

NATIVE UNION Portable Switch Speaker: Portable ambiance is so important when one lives in hotels. This portable speaker will be just the thing for listening to Chet Baker on the terrace with my mother and sipping a very dry martini.

SOLOVIERE Otto Ba Belgian Loafers: My dad has a real passion for shoes, and he has a very interesting mathematical theory about collecting them: the more shoes you buy, the less you wear each pair, and the longer they each last, increasing the number of pairs one can own and more importantly wear indefinitely. Amazing right?

AMERICAN BAR Book: Now that he’s retired from a career in teaching, I’d like to imagine that he can finally take on the role of the true bon vivant, a part he’s been practicing for his whole life.

NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Porsche Drive: One must include cars on the list of my dad’s great loves. He was always buying some trashed old car and lovingly restoring it, artfully returning it to its former glory. He’s never had a Porsche, but Barneys doesn’t yet sell them…



Father's Day

VALEXTRA Passport Holder: Growing up, my dad was in the French Military, so we moved around a lot. He continues to be an avid traveler, so this is an appropriate gift.

PHAIDON Map: Exploring The World: This book will be at home in Dad’s massive library.

COLOMBO Plaid Ombré Scarf: A cashmere scarf is so useful on an airplane and versatile enough to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

WESTWARD LEANING Dyad Eyeglasses & Clip-Ons: Sunglasses with lenses you can switch are so cool and a must—Dad can see life in so many different colors!

M.COHEN Knotted Wrap Bracelet: My father surprisingly loves jewelry, especially a great bracelet. The color of this one reminds me of the colors of the Tuareg in North Africa.

RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Zip-Front Hoodie: Utility plus style is a bonus for long days on the road.

FRÉDÉRIC MALLE Vetiver Extraordinaire Travel Refills: This is one of my favorite fragrances. It’s always great to be able to travel with your perfume without worrying about it getting tossed in security. Plus, it’s so great for freshening up after long flights.

MARTIAL VIVOT Shampoo & Conditioner Duo: One of the ingredients in this is the essential oil Frankincense from East Africa. Frankincense reminds me of Djibouti, where we stayed for a couple of years during my childhood. I have the best memories from this journey. My father could not be more proud of me, seeing our products at Barneys.

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