Fashion Week Fatigue? Try These Lovely Respites

Admit it: many of us suffer from a particular syndrome known as Fashion Week Fatigue (FWF) after several days.  The scene sounds wildly glamorous, but in reality, it can be grueling.  The lights: blinding.  Crowd level: scrum-like.  Taxis: taken, every one of them.  We all need a break once that FWF glaze sets in over our eyes.

Here are a handful of diversions that might help ward off FWF – five lovely, calming, soothing cultural respites.  Enjoy.

1.    Book a lunch at Fred’s. Make sure to order Estelle’s Chicken Soup (with its famous tagline: “Grandma’s recipe to cure colds and stay thin.”)  What could be more soothing than that?  (And make sure to check out our spirited Q&A with Fred’s executive chef Mark Strausman.)

2.   Skip that trunk show and stroll around the Frick Collection instead, gazing at bronzes, Fragonards, and portraits of regal women in the magnificent clothing of yesteryear.

3.   Revisit the ghosts of Fashion Weeks Past and head to Bryant Park.  Yes, the tents have left, but what you can do there instead: have a leisurely skate at the Bryant Park Pond, followed by a hot Kalhua drink at Bryant Park’s pop-up Celsius Bar.

4.   See Swan Lake at Lincoln Center. You saw the Rodarte-clad version on the silver screen; now see the real deal and imagine the backstage drama for yourself.

5.   Get your yoga on! After all of those days cramped in those tiny chairs at the shows, you deserve a massive stretch.   Reflections yoga studio is right around the corner from Lincoln Center.

- Cator Sparks