With nine generations of jewelers in his family, one can understand why Munnu Kasliwal crafts jewelry with a lasting legacy: “Jewelry is not for one generation,” he says.

For hundreds of years (his family has made jewelry for Indian and European royalty since the 1700s), collectors have flocked to the Kasliwal family’s Gem Palace—a jewelry emporium in Jaipur—in search of rooms so filled with gems that fellow designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac says she once found a runaway ruby buried in a sofa. The family’s jewelry has even been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Luckily, these wearable works of art are now available someplace a little more accessible: Barneys New York.

There’s no doubt that the hallmark of Munnu’s jewelry is exceptional stones and cuts. “In India,” he says, “stones have great meaning and significance for their wearer.” Due to their importance, Munnu sources all the stones himself—he once even found a ruby stuck in a buffalo’s hoof in China (no wonder he told us he finds inspiration “everywhere”).

But perhaps what puts that twinkle in our eye most is Munnu’s attention to minute details. Just one look at his jewelry is enough to tell you how much painstaking work goes into each piece. Case in point: He is known for adorning both the fronts and backs of his creations; his diamond bangles, for instance, boast intricately detailed yellow gold interiors. (With his legacy, you’d think he might rest on his laurels just a little!)

So, what do you think? Isn’t it about time you adorned yourself with some museum-quality jewels?

1. Double-sided rose cut & pave diamond hoop earrings; 2. XO diamond peacock locket; 3. Aquamarine lotus drop earrings; 4. XO diamond drop earrings; 5. XO diamond buckle bracelet; 6. XO diamond chain link bracelet

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