These days, you have to dig deeper and harder, into archives, subcultures, and obscure alleyways, to find traces of the characterful New York that progress, bank branches, and bro culture have left behind. How novel, then, to see the city get a happy jolt of character rejuvenation from, of all places, a posh retailer that decided to reconnect with its past.Vanity Fair

Barneys New York is back in Chelsea with a beautiful four-floor flagship that will certainly fulfill every fashion lover’s dreams.Time Out New York

The high-end retailer’s long-awaited journey to its ancestral location—a picturesque Chelsea block where it was founded in 1923—is officially in completion mode, which is great news for prospective shoppers in the downtown area. And it’s even better than before—if you can believe it.Du Jour

Barneys downtown (2)
Entering from 7th Avenue brings you onto the main floor, which features handbags and accessories for both men and women.

This is a moment. It’s Barneys. It’s the seminal New York retailer, and it’s home back whence it came.Nick Wooster, as told to the New York Times

If Barneys Madison Avenue is the Met— a sprawling labyrinth you should really devote an entire day (if not more) to—Barneys Chelsea is the new Whitney: a tight selection that’s able to be seen and enjoyed in its entirety in a much smaller block of time.Racked New York

While Barneys New York returns to its original roots, the architecture, technology, services, and overall experience reflect the ever-evolving modern store it has become today.MR Magazine

Barneys downtown (4)
Also housed on the main level is the fine jewelry area.

It’s all about fitting into the neighborhood and providing a curated assortment of luxury goods that downtown hipsters are destined to love.Observer

Designed by New York-based architectural firm Steven Harris Architects, the store has a modern, luxury aesthetic and a smaller, more intimate feel than its uptown counterpart.Chain Store Age

Barneys downtown (3)
The texture of rich marble pairs with unexpected fixture design for a truly spectacular display in the jewelry area.

The space is modern, sleek, and (to no one’s surprise) incredibly chic thanks to the team at Barneys New York.Elle

The layout is straightforward and easy to shop… In its open floor plan, the selling floors are devoid of designer shops and feel relaxed. WWD

There are so many layers to this story, but I am thrilled that Barneys is returning to its original spot. It changes the game for my uptown Barneys fix.  My passport can remain in the drawer for those now rarer-than-ever journeys that would bring me uptown.Gotham Gal

Barneys downtown (5)
Men’s accessories receive the same attention to detail and care when it comes to their first-floor home.

Every aspect of the store has been carefully considered and custom crafted, from the terrazzo floors, to the many iterations of cut marble, to the stainless steel and brass fixtures faceted like jewels.CFDA

Four floors of mirrored stainless steel columns, marble-lined walls, brass tables, velvet seats, and it also has a barber and a restaurant, so plenty to do there. We wish the new location all the luck in the world.Fox 5 New York

Barneys’ new flagship is delicately balancing the location’s historic roots — local architects were tapped to rebuild an updated version of the original store — with modern technology… In identifying online and mobile customers in store by smartphone, Barneys is ahead of the majority of retailers looking to personalize the shopping experience. Digiday

Barneys downtown (6)
A view from the first floor provides a cross-section view of the store as well as an alternate perspective on the soaring spiral staircase.

Entering the store, the large spiral staircase set inside a glass atrium, the mirrored polished stainless steel clad columns evoking John McCracken’s sculptures, and the extensive use of marble immediately catch the eye.WWD

For all the emphasis on differentiation and modernity—the street-level entrance is visually defined by a sculptural stainless-steel canopy rather than the familiar awnings of yore—the Barneys team has built into the new store’s narrative some callbacks to the old days. There is, once again, a spiral staircase (which coexists, funnily enough, with the Putnam original, still in use at the Rubin Museum of Art, the tenant of the former women’s-shop space on the north end of the block).Vanity Fair

Oozing streamlined luxury, the space features a white cement and marble spiral staircase at its center. Encased in a glass atrium that offers views of and access to each floor, the stairs run from the basement to the third floor; their smooth curves are reminiscent of New York’s iconic Guggenheim Museum, noted one delighted first-day customer. Sportswear International

Barneys downtown (7)
Women’s shoes are house on the second floor in a setting that feels both intimate and luxurious.

The entire store is really stunning, I don’t know if I can pick a favorite part! I will admit I’m a little biased toward the shoe floor—I know I’ll be spending a lot of time there.The Zoe Report

Within the walls, a curated edit of Barneys XO ‘Exclusively Ours’ brands and capsule collections not found at any other retailer (sorry Amazon) sold by knowledgeable staff, as well as mobile technology that links in-store shopping with e-commerce to make the whole experience more personalized to the individual customer.Fortune

The real selling point is that it’s a convenient shopping destination for anyone who lives, works, and predominantly hangs out downtown that doesn’t make sacrifices in terms of selection.Racked

Barneys downtown (8)
The 125-seat Freds restaurant on the third floor boasts a mural by artist Conor Thompson.

From marble-lined walls to velvet seating and gorgeous spiral staircases, the shopping hub radiates warmth and class. But if the décor, convenient location, and merchandise doesn’t sell it for you, Barneys also added a Freds restaurant to satiate your hunger and thirst once the shopping fatigue truly sits in.Time Out New York

The best location for a power-lunch spot is now in downtown Manhattan, and Freds at Barneys New York will solidify that shift with its new Chelsea location.Grub Street

Freds, adorned with a wall of jacaranda rosewood harvested from a Niemeyer house in São Paulo, will be open for lunch, cocktails and dinner and have Italian fare by executive chef Mark Strausman, emphasizing drinks and small plates.WWD

Barneys downtown (9)
The Foundation level houses cosmetics and fragrances, in addition to treatment rooms and the Blind Barber shop.

The exterior is defined by a 170-ft. stainless steel marquee that runs along the 7th Avenue façade and wraps the corner of 16th Street. The striking storefront provides plenty of space for Barneys to create its iconic window displays.Retailing Today

Barneys downtown (1)
Vintage barber chairs get new life in the Blind Barber shop, which brings the social experience back to the men’s grooming game.

Once again Chelsea has a premier fashion shopping destination that can serve as an anchor for the surrounding blocks… The store manages to recapture the feeling of being a special, off-the-beaten-path establishment far removed from the bustle of midtown luxury shopping… It feels again like a unique, luxurious neighborhood emporium that could only exist in New York.”The Shophound

The retailer’s Madison Avenue flagship still leads in size, but when it comes to reliving iconic history, this Barneys locale sure feels like home.Du Jour