Last night at Barneys New York, we celebrated the launch of Sharon Socol’s new fashion-insider photography book, Plus One: An Outsider’s Photographic Journey Into the World of Fashion. In theme with the evening, we asked Socol and her VIP guests for their plus-one advice and favorite plus-one moments. Here’s what they had to say…

“My favorite plus-one moment is a personal one with Alber Elbaz. I was backstage photographing his show, and there was a moment when he walked over to a mirror to kind of groom himself. I happened to be the only photographer nearby, and I knew that it was an amazingly perfect, private moment I was witnessing—and I didn’t take a picture. It was his moment, and I wanted to leave it to him. He gave me a look in the eye that said, ‘Thank you,’ and it felt so special.” – Sharon Socol

“Phillip Lim is my favorite plus one—he’s one of my closest friends. Events sometimes can be a bit overwhelming and having friends with you makes it feel more normal. I went to his friend’s wedding as a plus one on the beach, so that was a fun, great time. – Richard Chai

“I went to see J. Lo live on Saturday Night Live and it was the best plus-one moment for me ever. It made me like her a lot more. If you’re a plus one, just smile a lot and don’t say a word.” – Thakoon Panichgul

“I’m not sure I can name just one favorite plus-one moment—I’ve had so many great dates over the years—but to be a good plus one, be sure to never outshine your host.” – Narciso Rodriguez

“Honey we’ve never been plus ones. Just kidding. Plus-one etiquette is a very important thing. Your plus one needs to be fun to talk to but not be overpowering. I am the best plus one. I will hold your purse, I will step back so you can do a single photo op, and I will not horn in, unless requested. ” – Mickey Boardman

“I am a lone wolf; I like to go alone to events, especially work ones, without a plus one. I’m married now, and so my husband Jay is my plus one only one time a year for the CFDA Fashion Awards. He likes to come to see who is there, like Lady Gaga or Kanye.” – Steven Kolb