Photographed by Danielle Levitt

“I’m gonna try and work on getting weirder.” Rick Owens

Photographed by Alexandra Kinga Fekete

“This year’s resolution is to never have another resolution. The others didn’t really work.”Christian Louboutin

Photo: Courtesy of Sies Marjan

“To do my best.” Sander Lak


“We’d like to start a journal f​or our son to read one day.” –Kristopher Brock and Laura Vassar


“My 2017 New Year’s resolution is less self-censoring…Speaking up and learning more from instinct.” Anais Mak, Jourden


“My New Year’s resolution is to be more mysterious.”Erdem Moralioglu


“My New Year’s resolution? Less of the smoking, more of a smoking body!” Nicholas Kirkwood


“My new years resolution is to be more present, live the moment, and dedicate more to my private life and family.”Ana Khouri

Photographed by Alexis Limousin

“I am a positive thinker—2017 will be better.”Martin Grant

“I would like to set aside some more time for reflection and creativity.” Gianvito Rossi


“My resolution is to continue to nurture my company as it grows to the next level, while respecting all who have helped me get there along the way.” Nili Lotan


“I want to become even more fearless and daring in my creative convictions.” –Mike Amiri


“For 2017, I want to try to cut it all in half, meaning half the Ubers, half the takeout, and half the coffee cups.” –Mara Hoffman


“Because I’m a big traveler, my resolution for 2017 is to have more free time to discover new countries.” Emmanuel Tomasini


“As a new mother and designer, the past year required major energy. For 2017, I want to slow down my perception of time and embrace the now.” Azeeza Khan


“Embrace hope.” Jonathan Meizler, Title Of Work


“For 2017, I aspire to be more like my mother. She is so wonderfully carefree, as she elegantly and discreetly manages to take care of everyone around her.” Sharon Khazzam


I want to make more time for myself in 2017. It sounds so simple, yet as the years go by, this goal proves to be ever elusive.” –Alexander Olch

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