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Makeup Artist DANIEL MARTIN Is All About KOH GEN DO

It all started with actress Ai Saotome. Stuck under the limelight with dry skin due to constant filming and heavy-duty makeup, she needed a beauty regime that was gentle on the skin. The result? Koh Gen Do.

The covet-worthy skincare and cosmetics line launched in 1986 and offers a flawless, on-screen glow. Their products—featured in a number of Hollywood films—use plant extracts and raw, natural ingredients, while avoiding artificial fragrances, petroleum-based mineral oil and synthetic pigments. Glamorous and eco-friendly? We’ll take it.

For some firsthand proof, we turned to makeup artist Daniel Martin. We don’t mean to name drop but Daniel has had the opportunity to primp some amazing—not to mention gorgeous—stars like Veronica Webb, Chloe Sevigny and Kate Bosworth.

Check out the full interview below, where Daniel tells all, from how to save your skin from winter weather to his favorite Golden Globe looks.


Koh Gen Do is known for its marriage of skincare and makeup. Why do you think it’s so important to have a healthy beauty regimen?
Without a healthy complexion, makeup won’t lay the way it’s intended to on the skin. What’s important for the skin is proper hydration, a balanced skin texture and even skin tone.

Why do you trust Koh Gen Do?
I trust Koh Gen Do products because they go beyond just makeup. They have low to no parabens in their products and most of all, their skincare system is simple and effective.

What are your go-to Koh Gen Do products?
My go-to products are the aqua foundation (especially for televised red carpet events), lavender-pink primer to diffuse the appearance of large pores (on fair to medium skin tones) and their iconic cleansing water.

Help! What’s your strategy when it comes to treating dry winter skin?
My fool proof strategy is to use Koh Gen Do’s gommage gel to roll off dry flakey skin then rinse and layer the spa moisture gel on top of the skin. This will give you spa-treatment radiance in less than ten minutes.

What are the Koh Gen Do products every girl should have handy in her purse?
Every girl should have a moisture foundation (its buildable coverage can be used from a concealer to foundation), Maifanshi lipstick in fresh pink (the perfect pink on all skin tones) and their makeup wipes, which is a great way to refresh the skin as well as remove unwanted makeup.

What are some tips for incorporating color into your beauty look? 
For the girl who wants to wear red lipstick without the commitment, try the Maifanshi lipstick in pink red. This color is bright enough to get the effect without the depth of a traditional red.

What are some beauty trends you’re loving right now? 
I love that women are feeling confident wearing lipstick again, especially bright colors! If you’re keen on bright, try the lipstick in pink coral; it’s a subtle shade, but with a pop.

What were your favorite Golden Globe beauty looks?
My favorite Golden Globe looks were Rooney Mara, Tilda Swinton, and Angelina Jolie. All three exemplified strength while keeping it balanced with their dress.

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