Eugenie Niarchos of Venyx World and Charles de Viel Castel of CVC Stones met many years ago growing up in Paris, but it wasn’t until they both entered the world of fine jewelry that they really bonded. Eugenie launched her line in 2013, calling it Venyx to symbolize a mythical planet inspired by her extensive travels. “Eugenie was one of the few people I spoke to about CVC Stones when I first started. She was very supportive,” explains Charles, who launched CVC Stones last year. Both brands celebrate the natural world in a way that’s both elegant and modern, so this new collaboration came easily.

This week, the two friends and fellow designers joined forces to launch Venyx For CVC Stones. The limited-edition collection features CVC Stones’ signature globally sourced pebbles, which for the collaboration have been embellished with diamonds set to form star sign constellations.

“I have always loved astrology and find it a lot of fun,” Eugenie tells The Window. “I believe that everything is connected in the universe and all things may have an influence on each other. Planetary movements are events on a huge scale and could very well have an effect on us. That’s what draws so many people to astrology—it’s mysterious, fun, and very ancient.”

Handcrafted in New York, the Venyx for CVC Stones collection includes all 12 zodiac signs created from diamond formations, set into either black or white beach stones, and mounted on 18k gold chains.

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