“I’ve come with the beautiful weather for you!” laughed Cédric Charlier as guests started to arrive at a lunch in his honor at the Barneys Madison Avenue flagship. Indeed, the temperatures outside—pushing 80 degrees—were reason enough to celebrate, and made Charlier’s technicolor frocks look all the more appealing.

“It’s cool to see all the colors mixing together,” Charlier said as he browsed his spring collection on the racks. “Apparently people are very happy with the colors, and it’s become kind of my signature. I think [color] is about sensation and emotion, and it’s something that I want to continue doing. I think people need colors.”

Guests at the lunch, including Lisa Airan, Hannah Bronfman, Amanda Ross, Richard Perry, and Barneys’ Mark Lee and Daniella Vitale, surely felt the mood-boosting effects of Charlier’s hues—particularly Charlier’s favorite color of the moment, a vibrant red-orange. “I really feel it, and I want to continue [using] it,” he said of the shade.

The Belgian-born, Paris-based designer is on a whirlwind trip through the States; after this quick New York stop, it was off to the West Coast for events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hopefully, Charlier will bring the sunshine along with him—but something tells us those gorgeous colors will brighten things up no matter the weather.


Photos: Joe Schildhorn/Billy Farrell Agency