Photographed by Amanda Demme.

Each season, we’ve come to expect not only an exceptionally chic new collection from the creative minds at Co, but also an exceptionally creative way of introducing that collection. (Last spring’s “She Said, She Said” had us in stitches.) This year is no exception. For Fall 2014, partners Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern collaborated on a lookbook with a fellow Angeleno, the photographer Amanda Demme.

“We’ve been fans of Amanda’s artwork for a while now, and felt that her technique of achieving painterly portraits through digital photography would be the perfect expression of our own form of modern romanticism,” says Kern. In her carefully lit photographs, Demme captures the quiet melodrama of this lush, Spanish-inspired collection, which includes a ruffle crepe blouse, palazzo pants printed with oversized red roses, and a romantic black cape dress.

“Many times with fashion shoots, it can become very robotic and lose a sense of time and emotion,” says Demme. “This series was very still and quiet in its energy, and this allowed for us to capture purely the dramatic beauty of the clothes and feel a sense of emotion attached to them.”

“The best portraiture has an air of drama, mystery, or romance to it,” echoes Kern, “and I think that’s what we wanted to come across with this series.”

Prepare to get lost in the gorgeous lookbook below—a visual taste of this rich fall collection oozing with soft yet powerful presence.



Co_022_1366.450x675“The cashmere cable-knit A-line sweater is one of our favorites and really speaks to the idea of elevating knits from sportswear into a more romantic silhouette.” – Justin Kern




“The crepe cape dress makes an elegant and dramatic statement while being amazingly priced for evening-wear. It’s already had a lot of red carpet requests.” -Stephanie Danan



“More times than not, the subjects in my photography are not looking into the camera. For this specific shoot and collection it fell into place because it was reminiscent of my fine art series [Threads], in which the subjects are not connected with the camera and it is more about capturing an emotion.” -Amanda Demme