Closet Catharsis: Spring Cleaning with The Barneys Team

Nobody ever said cleaning out your closet was easy, but who among us doesn’t enjoy the results?

A good spring purge not only helps you refocus on the all-stars your wardrobe, but also make room for new ones. (We’ve created our own spring wish list. Have you?)

Below, the Barneys team dishes on what they’ll be (reluctantly) tossing out this season and what they’ll be adding. Read on for their picks.

I am the opposite of a hoarder. If I’m not wearing it, then out it goes. I have a few jackets, which I have not been wearing because they are not short, as per the current trend. I will ditch them and snag a Thom Browne and/or Band of Outsiders (pictured).

*     *     *

I am starting to really get rid of my old Gucci clothes as I really cannot wear them anymore! My three big go-to brands this season are Saint Laurent, Balmain, Cedric Charlier (pictured). And I’ll be getting lots of use out of my R13 slouchy skinny jeans.

*     *     *

For me, a change of season means it’s time to refresh my collection of dress shirts, socks and underwear. For shirts, I will turn to Thom Browne (pictured), Rake and Uman.

*     *     *

I’ll be replacing my jeans with new jeans! Two favorites for this spring are Frame (pictured) for basic, great-fitting skinny jeans and NSF for a comfy, slouchy pair.

*     *     *

I’m very bad at throwing things away, but I am updating my wardrobe with a sport jacket from Saint Laurent and an Exemplaire cardigan.

*     *     *

I will be getting rid of 50 percent of my children’s toys and junk—and I do not plan on replacing it!  When it comes to my own closet, I am not so good at throwing things away. I will probably end up keeping everything, plus adding in a couple of great pieces from Balmain, Acne, Isabel Marant, Foce, and Marisa Webb (pictured).

*     *     *

If you know me, you know this is true—I am a bit of a pack rat. Not quite a hoarder, but admittedly, I hate to throw things away before their time. Maybe you could say I am a collector? And I love blazers especially. I have my eye on the washed wool, over-dyed blazers from Boglioli. Something about the way they are exquisitely tailored and then dip-dyed and washed like a pair of jeans makes them super chic and comfy—definitely high/low at its best.


Photo Credit: Andrew Morrell Photography cc