Ok, bear with us. We know that shopping for the holidays does not require five full months of preparation. But think back to your mental state last December. We’re the first to admit that we were frazzled, overwhelmed, sick of crowds, and ready to give our nearest and dearest nothing more than fistfuls of cash.

But this year, we’ve learned our lesson. The secret to avoiding pre-holiday pressure is a closet stocked full of presents, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Heading out to a holiday party? Grab a candle before you go. Just received a present from that friend you crossed off your own gift list? Wrap up a cheeky set of Lichtenstein placemats. Below, we’ve gathered 20 evergreen gifts that are always appropriate, work for just about anyone and any occasion, and best of all they are all XO exclusively ours.

Photo: Reuters