It wasn’t all too long ago when the divide between Sunday morning’s sports and style sections was as bottomless as the Marianas Trench. Now it seems like there’s more crossover than ever, with ready-to-wear designers dipping their toes into the waters of sportswear (Givenchy is making high-tops, people!) and fashion editors spotted not uncommonly on the arms of athletes (don’t Anna and Amar’e make quite the pair?).

Currently on our radar is the Chicago Bears’ new linebacker, Jon Bostic. A 2013 second round draft pick out of the University of Florida, Jon has made the migration up north for his first-ever NFL season—not to mention his first-ever Illinois winter. We caught up with the defenseman in anticipation of his first start (tune in to this Sunday’s Bears-Redskins game) to learn about his off-the-field style.


Welcome to the NFL, Jon! In your opinion, who are the most stylish guys in the league?
Thank you. I’m very excited to be here in Chicago—it’s been a great experience so far. When it comes to style in the NFL, I think of Arian Foster, who I’ve seen on TV at press conferences and awards shows wearing hats, scarves, bold patterns—really just about everything. But I would have to say the player with the most style is my teammate, wide receiver Brandon Marshall. He rocks bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares—clothes that really stand out. But he also has some more traditional tailored suits and accessories in his arsenal as well. I haven’t been on the team for too long but I know he’s got a good sense of fashion.

How do you like to dress when not in uniform?
It’s all about balance for me. I tend to be more casual when I go out socially—jeans, a v-neck sweater and a good pair of shoes, usually some cool sneakers or loafers. For more formal occasions, I like a well-fitted suit and dress shirt, sometimes with a slim tie depending on where I’m going. If it’s right after practice or I’m at home studying the playbook, it’s Nike sweats and a t-shirt.

How would you say your wardrobe has changed since you’ve signed with the Bears?
It’s a slow process. College was so informal—lots of team gear (shout out to all the Florida Gators fans!) and dressing up meant khakis and a tucked in collared shirt. Now it’s about being a professional and looking the part for game day, road trips and team functions. I’ve been working on upgrading my wardrobe since I got to Chicago… It’s safe to say that my wardrobe is maturing with me.

Any new favorite designers?
I keep things pretty simple. As a linebacker, size and fit are important and a lot of the well-known labels don’t cater to guys with a bigger build. I like Hugo Boss, Citizens of Humanity and Ralph Lauren because of the versatility. I can wear these clothes no matter the occasion and I like the designs and quality of the fabrics. I also enjoy Prada and Zegna. I plan on visiting the Barneys store in Chicago and all of the great shops along Michigan Avenue. I’m looking forward to checking out more designers and building my wardrobe as the season progresses.

What from your college closet will we never see again?
I had a pair of Gators mesh shorts that I got when I first decided I was going to the University of Florida. Over the years, they acquired some permanent food stains and a sizeable rip but they were really, really comfortable.

When you’re shopping, who do call for style advice?
I’ve been working with stylist Jennifer Cunanan for my suits, and she’s also been very helpful recommending shoes, ties and accessories to go along with them. However, I always rely on my mom and my sister to tell it to me like it is and I know they will speak up if I’m wearing something that looks ridiculous or inappropriate for the occasion. I’m always up for trying a new look but it needs to fit just right. I’d rather have something that I know I will enjoy wearing for a long time than something that’s trendy or popular at the moment.

You’re gearing up for your first cold winter. How do you plan to stock your wardrobe?
I keep hearing about the Chicago winters! It’s hard to believe right now because it has been so nice outside, but I know it’s coming. I won’t try to complicate things for my first winter. A few good sweaters, some jeans, and unfortunately, my very first winter jacket and pair of boots. I’d also love to get a warm fleece hoodie that I can rely on when I head to the team facility or go out to run errands.

We know it’s only been a few months, but best Chicago discovery so far?
The entire city is so new to me… We’ve been so busy since training camp that I haven’t had much time to explore. My family came to town a few weeks ago and we took a drive to the Museum of Science and Industry which was really cool. I’ve been told I need to check out the Field Museum, so that’s next. I also still need to find a spot for good deep-dish pizza.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
The most soft and comfortable pajamas and slippers that I can get my hands on.



Jack Spade Wing Duffle
“This bag is a stylish alternative to the standard duffle. Great to bring to the stadium on game day or on a short trip.”


Moncler Removable Hood Zip Front Blouson
“Chicago in the winter… enough said.”

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Cleanser
“I sweat quite a bit every day. I always have a bottle of Kiehl’s in my locker, at home and in my travel bag.”

Ralph Lauren Black Label Waffle Knit Hoodie
“Comfortable and casual without looking sloppy. This sweater is a staple in my wardrobe.”

502018465_model_1Hugo Boss Sweet Two-Button Sports Jacket
“Pair this jacket with jeans or trousers—it’s versatile and an easy way to dress up my look for a business meeting or dinner in the city.”

Vince Long Sleeve Henley
“For my days off, this shirt is perfect for relaxing at the house or hanging out with friends.”


Barneys New York Plate Money Clip
“The days of carrying a bulky wallet in my back pocket are over.”

Zegna Wingtip shoes

“Classic style and sophistication, for when it’s time to look my best.”


Fairfax Pocket Square
“It’s the little things that make an outfit stand out. This pocket square is subtle but shows others that the small details matter.”