GIFTS GALORE: Style-Setters BLAKE LIVELY, ALEXANDER WANG And Others Share Their Picks

GIFTS GALORE: Style-Setters BLAKE LIVELY, ALEXANDER WANG And Others Share Their Picks

The opening of GAGA’S WORKSHOP earlier this month was a night to remember. Not only was it an amazing way to kick off the season, but we also got a jump on our holiday shopping! Below, some of our favorite party-goers divulge the Workshop items they couldn’t resist.

“I got the fake nails. I’m really excited about all of them. They are so cool.”

“I bought the composition books in every color for my assistants and myself. The combination of the neon and metallic is just too delicious to pass up! It’s a fun way to stay organized and look cute at the same time.”

“I want everything, but I love the party masks. I will probably wear one for New Year’s.”

“I bought some press-on nails for my niece. I thought about the platform heel-less shoes for her, but they’re a little much for a 9-year-old. Next year.”

“I’m getting all my stocking stuffers. The magnets, the journals, and the chocolates are amazing. I’d like to get a crying candle.”

“I bought lot of stuff, but my favorites were the Mua Mua dolls that I bought for my niece and nephew. I also bought the dress-up magnets and notepads for them.”

“My daughter got a lot of stuff for her friends. We got a t-shirt, some tattoos, some nails, a doll.”

“Of course I bought the jeweled nails. I’ll wear them with jeans and a t-shirt… what else?”

“It’s easy!  I love that crying candle. I actually bought it for me. I haven’t lit it yet ’cause it is too pretty.”

“I got the Terry Richardson book, but not because I’m in it! Terry was with us 24/7 on the Monster Ball tour, and he was able to capture moments with Gaga that no one else could. I also love the Schott MC jacket. My prized possession is a cherry red one that was a Christmas present from Gaga last year.”

“I bought the Lipstick Queen lipstick for myself, and the press-on nails for my best friend. I love beauty products, especially unique ones and these are definitely so special, I couldn’t resist!”

- Tory Hoen

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