In the Bright Young Things series, we’re keeping an eye on up-and-coming talent. This week—meet Greg Chait, founder of both the knitwear/textile label The Elder Statesman and TYRO by tes, a capsule accessories collection. Greg has a knack for bringing a sense of humility to traditional “luxury” materials and netting incredible results—hence the CFDA nomination.

Below, Barneys VP of men’s designer collections Jay Bell sheds light on the world of Greg Chait and makes a compelling case for why we should all want to be a part of it.

Sybarite  \ˈsi-bə-ˌrīt\
1. (noun) Someone devoted to pleasure and luxury

Coolly unaffected, but not detached from the material trappings demanded by his discerning clientele, Greg Chait subscribes to a brand of low-key/high-quality uber-luxury epitomized by The Elder Statesman.

Consider Greg’s outfit today: the Dead Head-worthy tie-dye tee (hand-spun, high-grade cashmere), his deceptively inconspicuous eyeglass frames (hand-carved, top-notch buffalo horn), or those 2 perfectly imperfect chunks of metal on his fingers (22-karat gold bands from jet-setting jeweler-to-the-chic Aurora Lopez Mejia (call 212-826-8900 to order)). Everything Greg embraces is imbued with his sense of discreet exclusivity; The Elder Statesman & TYRO by tes are first-person narratives of his rarefied but accessible world of luxe-cool.

It’s a world where low micron count cashmere Baja sweaters are commonplace, a world where TES loyalists rock everything from Levi’s to Rick Owens to Azzedine Alaia—with a bit of TES thrown in, validating their style distinction and hovering above the usual fashionistas.

It’s a world where luxury is appreciated, not applauded.

Greg Chait embodies the new luxury—naturally, innately, effortlessly. It’s proof-positive he’s a real-deal sybarite.

-Jay Bell

1. Basket weave long sleeve tee; 2. Monster seed cap; 3. Rib tuck scarf; 4. Ribbed knit cap

1. Oversized rice stitch skull cap; 2 Lil’ watcher skull cap, 3. Jersey stitch fingerless gloves; 4. Neck warmer

Video by Chris New & Brennan Kelley; Interview by Hallie Davison