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Coats With A Conscience: MARIO BOGLIOLI On The Collaboration With KOLOR

Take the fine Italian tailoring distinct to Boglioli and combine it with the deconstructed design typical of Japanese brand Kolor, and you’re bound to get something outstanding. Exhibit A: a two-piece collection of garment-dyed jackets in cashmere and cotton.

Giving new meaning to the phrase “the best of both worlds,” these Kolor + Boglioli jackets showcase unique dying techniques, the finest materials and one-of-a-kind design, hitting a middle ground between classic and contemporary. And as if that’s not enough, all proceeds are donated to Save the Children Japan, an organization benefitting children who suffered in the 2011 earthquake off the coast of Tohoku. But only 600 are hitting the shelves worldwide, so you’d better act fast.

Below, we caught up with the company’s president, Mario Boglioli, to chat about this unique collaboration.


Barneys New York: How did the partnership with Kolor come about?
Mario Boglioli: The partnership was born from the aesthetic similarities that tie Boglioli to the culture of Japanese design. In spite of obvious differences, the two brands are joined together by strong style know-how and a dedication to innovation. We have aligned Boglioli’s expertise in woven materials and unique treatments with the progressive conceptual design of Kolor. The jackets represent a perfect balance between classic design and modern research.

BNY: What inspired you to get involved in the relief efforts after the Japan earthquake?
MB: The collaboration with Kolor was already in an embryonic state before the Japanese earthquake of March 2011. The disaster propelled us to push the collaboration further, donating proceeds of the sales of the two jackets to Save the Children Japan.

BNY: Tell us a little about how these jackets are made.
MB: Approximately four hours go into the construction of each jacket, and a full day is dedicated to dye and treatment.

BNY: What type of man do you see wearing these jackets?
MB: Boglioli dresses a broad cross-section of customers, and we are thankful that our unique characteristics allow us to contribute to the identity of the modern man. The male consumer today is extremely prepared, knows what he wants and creates his own style by joining several brands. It is more important than ever to distinguish oneself in the market by creating a balanced product that combines fashion innovation with classic design. Above all, brands must communicate a strong spirit.

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