Let us introduce you to our most recent addiction—Kristin Booker’s blog, Fashion. Style. Beauty. Kristin writes about everything that’s new and great in the worlds of fashion and beauty, but more importantly, she does it all with a feel-good, embrace-your-life vibe that is totally infectious. Below, she gives us advice on everything from SPF to the benefits of sex (yes, really)…

What inspired you to start the blog?
I started writing what I wanted to read. I wanted to see humor, advice and honest conversation about what it really takes to live well.

What are your summer skin savers?
Kiehl’s Since 1857 vital sun protection sunscreen SPF 30 goes with me everywhere I go. ReVive moisturizing renewal cream is a great nighttime solution to help repair damage from the day. Prone to sun spots and hyper pigmentation? If so, I like Clé de Peau brightening serum supreme to help counteract damage. Dark spots look cute on printed fabrics…that’s pretty much it.

Best beauty advice you have ever received?
My mother always taught me that the less I do to my face, the less I will have to do to my face going forward. Basically, do your best to nurture your skin always. She was right!

Beauty supplements: take ’em or leave ’em?
Overall health is why you should be doing anything, but let’s not kid ourselves. I think hair and keratin boosters really work, and I believe in adding a great multivitamin to boost the results of your diet. There is no supplement that can replace eating right, exercise, caring for yourself and getting enough sleep. Oh, and sex is great for everything. Can I say that?!

Signature summer scent?
I like when a woman borrows notes from things naturally found in abundance during the season (blood orange, white blossoms, salt water). Adopt whatever inspires you, wear it until the first leaf falls, then tuck it away. Le Labo Jasmine 17 comes to mind.

1) Helmut Lang sweater 2) Kiehl’s sunscreen SPF 30 3) Fendi medium peekaboo bag 4) Miu Miu crystal heel sandals 5) ReVive moisturizing renewal cream 6) Monique Pean pink sapphire & diamond slice earrings 7) Cle de Peau brightening serum 8) Belstaff suede leggings 9) Le Labo Jasmin 17 10) Rick Owens biker jacket 11) Fendi daisy clutch

Neons or neutrals on your lips? Manic manicure or solid shade? SPF in your makeup or an addition?
I think neons are on their way out, so I would say neutrals (most men don’t relish day-glo lips either). Summer is the season for wild manicures, so go bonkers. I recommend SPF in your makeup and as an addition. You can never have too much sun protection!

What are five beauty tips you wish someone had shared with you sooner?

  1. Make all of your beauty appointments for the year at one time (you can always change them later but at least they serve as a guide).
  2. Don’t try to do your own brows.
  3. Clear deodorant helps stop blisters.
  4. Smiling when you feel like crying automatically attracts the right attention.
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do with your beauty look; it’s a decision best made alone.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
I have a mad, passionate affair with shoes and jewelry. If I were locked in Barneys New York for the night, you would most likely find me in the morning wearing the new Belstaff suede leggings, a Helmut Lang long-sleeve boatneck sweater and seated next to my three forever loves: a Rick Owens classic biker jacket, both the Fendi daisy clutch and the Fendi medium peekaboo bag (I’m a Fendi gal, so asking me to pick just one would be TRAGIC) and Monique Pean pink sapphire & diamond slice earrings.

I would be enjoying a chopped salad at Fred’s, literally surrounded by every shoe from the shoe floor (specifically these Miu Miu crystal heel sandals, every item of jewelry from Lanvin and wrapped in a Barneys knit blanket. They’re so soft! I adore them.