So you think you’re handbag obsessed? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Meet Megs Mahoney Dusil, whose outsized passion for purses fuels PurseBlog, the daily read for purse-o-philes everywhere (around 175,000 of them a day).

Megs founded PurseBlog back in 2005 with her then-boyfriend, now-husband Vlad Dusil. Eight years later, she’s still scouting handbags and waxing poetic on everything from Quvenzhane Wallis’s puppy purses to her love of python.

So who better to advise us on spring’s best handbags? Below, she chooses five of her favorites, and gives us her thoughts on man bags, personal style and more.


What inspired you to start the blog?

Between spending my childhood as a competitive swimmer and going to a school that required me to wear a uniform, handbags were always my personal style outlet. When Vlad, my now-husband and our site’s co-founder, and I met in college, my passion for handbags and his technological know-how gave us the idea to start a blog on designer bags. We started from a dorm room and did this for fun, but over the past 8 years PurseBlog has transformed from a hobby to a full-time business for our team.

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

It wasn’t necessarily advice given directly to me, but the Vivienne Westwood quote, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well,” rings very true. I find myself drawn to the idea and I use it as fashion advice; fashion can be silly, sure, but it can also be artwork and economics and so many other things. A whole social language.

What are your top 5 bags for Spring?

Do you have any rules when it comes to style?

Be true to yourself. I think people try to fit into molds and adapt to new trends even if those things don’t necessarily speak to them. The most stylish person is someone who remains true to their personal preferences and always, above everything, looks like themselves.

Best purchase you ever made?

EASY! My Proenza Schouler Crocodile PS1. I love Proenza Schouler and of course love a good exotic bag. I happened to be online and on the right site and the right time to get the most magnificent deal of the century on this bag. I adore it and still have to pinch myself when I take it out—I bought it for almost 60% off retail. Supposedly this bag wasn’t supposed to be marked down, so I snagged it as a true deal, but I always look at it and remember the thrill of the purchase and feel excitement all over again.

Fill in the blank: I love fashion because ___________________.

I love fashion because it has the power to be transformative.

What are the most important concerns when it comes to choosing a bag?

First and foremost, you should think of the purpose that your bag needs to serve—will you put heavy things in it? Carry it on public transportation? What kind of weather will you use it in? I think quality and functionality are two of the most important aspects. You want a bag that is stylish, but easy to carry, not too heavy, has plenty of storage, and will last you a long time. If anything, spend a bit more for a beautifully made bag, because it’ll be worth it in the long run.

What’s your take on man bags? Any favorites?

It only makes sense that men need bags as well! Man bags have had a bit of a bad reputation in the past, but I think that’s receding as the functional purpose of man bags becomes obvious. I find that most men love a good messenger bag, and Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Bottega Veneta are all safe bets for man-bag novices. Trust me, when you give a man the right bag he will turn into an accessory lover as well.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?

Talk about a dream come true! If I happened to get myself locked into Barneys overnight, I would meticulously scour every single floor for the items I love. When you found me in the morning after a delicious meal at Fred’s, I’d be dressed from head-to-toe and toting along some of my favorite items that are constantly on my wish list.

You would also find as many Céline, Valextra, Goyard, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy bags lining my arms as I could possibly hold.