The Formula

Beauty Buff Aimee Blaut Spills Her Secrets

Ever wonder how that woman on the street makes her skin glow? Or whether that guy in the elevator has a beauty routine—or just great genes? We have. Luckily, there’s a solution to our curiosity: Aimee Blaut’s addictive beauty blog, The Formula. On it, beauty sages of all ages reveal their “formulas” in posts that read like intimate conversations. She unearths beauty regimens at Fashion Week runway shows, examines products from cleansers to eye shadows, and captures street-style beauty looks worth copying.

Naturally, we jumped at the chance to pick her brain. Below, what she had to say…

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What inspired you to start the blog?
I studied art and biology and worked as a gallery girl in Chelsea for years, but I always loved the beauty universe. I wanted to create a site that let you peek into the medicine cabinets of creative, beautiful people. I see a lot of different worlds, from shooting backstage at fashion shows to stopping babes on the street to take their photographs and tell their beauty stories. Everyone I meet is in the process of working out their own “formula.”

What are your summer skin savers?
Summer is the season of long plane rides, which means dehydrated skin. In flight, I like to go makeup free and use a heavy moisturizer and an eye balm. The first few days after a long flight, my skin can become dry and dull, so I use a hydrating gel. It adds extra moisture and gives a nice glow. And if you get a little too much sun on vacation, whole milk yogurt helps to soothe and restore the skin’s PH balance.

Our Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan says that every woman must have a signature lipstick shade before she hits 30. What’s yours?
There is something about dark hair and a dark pout that I find feminine and timeless. In the winter, I wear Serge Lutens Couvre Feu and in the summer, I like NARS train bleu matte pencil. NARS lip pencils are great because you can control how much pigment you get by the amount of pressure you apply.

What is your ultimate spa destination?
There are amazing spas in Mauritius, Thailand and the South of France, but I have been wanting to visit The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. They have a geothermal spa that overlooks volcanoes, and you get your treatments while floating outside in mineral water. I am excited to check it out this summer.

What are five beauty tips you wish someone had shared with you sooner?

  1. In a pinch, honey can work wonders—when my skin is looking a little dull and needs a buff, I make a scrub mixing raw honey, brown sugar and lemon juice. My friend told me about it a year ago and I have since become addicted.
  2. You can keep your brows in place all day by brushing them out with a little hairspray.
  3. Keep your lips hydrated. There is nothing sexy about cracked lips. I make sure to moisturize them a few times throughout the day.
  4. Don’t skimp on your bedtime routine—though this sounds obvious, I am always surprised by how many people don’t do it! I started to become diligent about my pre-pillow cleansing and moisturizing in my early twenties and I can see a big difference between my friends who take the time and those who don’t. I like to use a little extra product on my skin overnight—it is a great opportunity to let all the good stuff soak into your skin.
  5. Always exfoliate the day after a wax. This keeps your skin smooth and free of in-growns.

Who is your beauty muse?
I like a glamorous woman with a little mystery. Though I take inspiration from a lot of different women, I find Gitte Lee to be extremely elegant! 

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
If I were locked in Barneys overnight with the chance to stash some goods, I would be leaving with a lot of layers on—let’s just say it would be a very warm and sticky ride home. Since it’s summer, I would start with a Lisa Marie Fernandez black one-piece and pile on The Row motorcycle leather pant; add one Balmain cropped jacket (love the silhouette) and a Carven moto jacket on top, for good measure. Nina Ricci’s lace inset dress is so gorgeous that I would need to stuff one into a Balmain shoulder bag. Then I’d throw on a pair of Margiela ankle boots and head to the beauty department to stock up on Serge Lutens and Clé de Peau.

1. Nina Ricci lace inset dress; 2. Balmain cropped jacket; 3. Carven moto jacket; 4. Balmain shoulder bag; 5. The Row motorcycle pant; 6. Lisa Marie Fernandez Lisa Marie swimsuit; 7. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 ankle boots