Minnie Muse

At The Corner Of Fashion & Art: Colby Jordan Of Minnie Muse Tells All

Colby Jordan takes the art of fashion blogging to a whole new level—quite literally, in fact. Her blog, Minnie Muse, showcases an eclectic mix of fashion and art while exploring how the two are inextricably linked. (She also wins the award for best pun in a blog name.) Below, we pick Colby’s brain to find out what she’s currently eyeing for fall in the worlds of both fashion and art.

What inspired you to start a fashion blog?
I started blogging for Teen Vogue. I loved having an outlet to share my experiences with readers. Teen Vogue, in turn, helped me with the launch of my own blog in September 2010. Since I was a young girl, I thought the pinnacle of working in fashion comes with being a designer’s muse, so the name “Minnie Muse” came naturally.

You focus on the intersection of fashion and art—how does art influence your personal style?
Art doesn’t directly affect how I dress day to day, but it does play a role in how I curate and style fashion posts on my blog. I always try to find connections between art and fashion when I see a certain collection or research a new artist.

Favorite fashion muse?
My two longtime muses are Tilda Swinton and Carine Roitfeld. Tilda because she defines effortless cool and Carine because she is the ultimate designer muse. Both women are individualistic in their style and never fail to look at ease.

Current wardrobe inspiration?
My fashion inspiration board is currently outfitted with clippings from the 60s and 70s. Running around the city in the blistering heat requires flats, so any day look that doesn’t need heels works for me. Also, some vintage never hurts.

Favorite art museum?
Visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao when I was seven is the first memory I have of any art museum. Aside from the striking architecture, I remember Jeff Koons’ Topiary Dog towering over me and seeing the 100-plus motorcycles in the Art of the Motorcycle exhibition. That trip sparked my interest in art and it is still one of my favorite museums. For a less traditional take on a museum, I love La Colombe d’Or in Saint-Paul de Vence, France. The venue is spectacular, especially knowing that the majority of artists in their collection once called it home (Leger, Miro, Calder, Chagall etc.).

Designer wish list for fall?
Fall is such an exciting time in fashion. I have never been an extremely feminine dresser, but I am lusting after The Row’s black leather pencil skirt—to be worn with any of Givenchy’s fall t-shirts, but preferably the great white. (I am a huge fan of sharks). Givenchy’s black leather fold-over knee boots will be a staple for day and their leopard print calf hair sandals are the perfect heels for night.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you with in the morning?
If my dream of having a sleepover at Barneys New York became a reality I would begin my evening on the foundation, and would end the evening at Fred’s. First, I would visit the Sunday Riley counter and grab my favorite summer lipstick, Rebel Rose. Next, it would be off to the first floor to find the perfect bag (or two) and some new baubles. My dream carryall is The Row’s day luxe tall tote. Better yet, in this dream scenario, I would be able to pick up Dezso by Sarah Beltran’s gold baby shark necklace.

Next would come clothing. The Row’s Kitner top is the perfect leather piece to take you into fall. I would pair it with Pringle of Scotland’s square jacquard pant. I would grab Balenciaga’s A-line dress for a casual evening look and Lanvin’s sheer sleeve dress for a more formal occasion. My new staple shoes would be Maison Martin Margiela’s rubber Oxford and just before heading upstairs, I would make a quick stop on the seventh floor to grab Alexander Wang’s croc clutch—my dream evening accessory for fall. Lastly, my new purchases and I would venture up to Fred’s for a late-night snack and then find a comfy spot in Chelsea Passage to end our evening of shopping.