“Being from Boston, I definitely romanticized the desert,” says Cyndle K with a wistful recollection of the recent trip she took for our latest Best in Beauty video. The makeup artist first got our attention while working behind the scenes on Barneys photo shoots. Her warm attitude on set was infectious, and soon we were hooked on her expert tips and fresh take on modern makeup. It was clear we had to put Cyndle front and center with her own story. What better way to get to know an artist we admire than share what she does best—create a gorgeous beauty video with the products she adores right now. 

As a makeup artist, Cyndle is the first to get her hands on all the covetable Chanel products. But before she plays around with color, she always reaches for SPF. Even if you don’t see the sunscreen application in all of her videos, she assures us that if she had to choose one skincare product to never skip, it’s UV Essential SPF 50—followed shortly thereafter by Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum“You immediately see your skin become smoother, radiant, and more plump with this one product. For dry, hot-to-cold, arid destinations, this serum is the perfect travel companion,” shares Cyndle. “Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow is great to layer. As the light changed and day became night, I easily built up the base with my fingers to go from sheer to opaque. It’s not an overtly glamorous look. It’s just so pretty and wearable.”

The finishing touch in Cyndle’s road trip video was a mesmerizing swipe and pat to the lip with Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur. “Oh yes, that really is an easy product to apply!” she tell us. “If you’re traveling, you don’t even need a liner.” And about that pedicure…we inquire; was it also really that simple to apply the glossy red Le Vernis in a moving car? That, she shares, would be the one thing worth pulling over for. But you know what? Experimenting is half the fun.


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