Pictured: Barton Perreira Hornby. Courtesy of Barton Perreira.

The future has always been bright for Los Angeles-based eyewear company Barton Perreira.

The company was launched in 2007 by a triple threat of a team: Bill Barton as CEO, Patty Perreira designing the specs, and Tim Cadiente as president. Ever since, Barton Perreira has been making some of the most in-demand shades on the market—perhaps you’ve seen them on the faces of celebs like Brad Pitt, Giovanni Ribisi, and Chloë Sevigny?—using cutting-edge materials and unsurpassed technical precision.

The Window recently visited Barton Perreira at its studio in L.A. to see how and where these visions come to life. To no surprise, the company’s studio was just as pristine and put-together as its product.

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