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Barneys Says Bievenue to Serge Lutens Cloche Bottle Fragrance Collection

Serge Lutens belongs in the camp of artists whose creative expressions are not bound by a specific medium. His career has taken many shapes: photographer, fashion designer, creative director, hair stylist, make-up artist. But today, we honor him as a legendary perfumer.

After lending his vision to now iconic beauty brands Christian Dior and Shiseido, Lutens set out in the early ’90s to create his own eponymous line of fragrances. The collection, which achieved cult-classic status in no time, is imbued with Lutens’ worldly and infinitely curious personality. Each bottle seems to tell its own story. Just take a look at their descriptions—Ambre Sultan, Iris Siliver Mist, Boxeuses, Muscs Koublaï Khan, to name just a few—and you’ll see what we mean.

Getting your hands on one of Lutens’ glowing cloche bottles used to entail cross-Atlantic travel to his store in the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris. But as of today, Barneys brings them a bit closer—to the Madison Avenue flagship—with the exclusive Palais Royal collection. No passport required!

The Serge Lutens Palais Royal collection is featured exclusively at our Madison Avenue flagship (212.833.2425). However, you can shop the rest of the Serge Lutens collection at Barneys.com