Barneys has always been about giving back. Though our philanthropic efforts date back decades, it was only in 2016 that we consolidated our efforts by launching the Barneys New York Foundation. At less than a year old, the Foundation has already been making its impact felt in our communities, through both corporate grants and the individual charities that have been embraced by our employees.

From its inception, a key component of the Barneys New York Foundation has been its focus on employee-driven participation and the flexibility to embrace whatever causes are dear to the hearts of our team members. To that end, the company has been divided into 22 “houses”—one for each our store locations, along with houses for various departments in our corporate offices, distribution center, and operations teams—each with its own budget and goals. In this way, each employee is able to have a more hands-on role in supporting their local communities, a power that they have put to work to support more than 75 individual organizations to date, both by volunteering and through financial contributions.

barneys new york foundation
A team from our Madison Avenue Flagship worked with an organization called Publicolor to help freshen up a public school in the Bronx with a new coat of paint.
barneys new york foundation
The Human Resources team from our corporate office collected donations for women in need for WIN NYC.
barneys new york foundation
In Beverly Hills, our flagship’s jewelry manager Gina Bellisario and associate Jennifer Wasser attend an event for Lupus LA along with event honoree Nicole Fogal.

On the corporate level, we’ve been busy as well. We’ve used our store windows and in-store events to provide backing for charitable groups that embrace the three main pillars of the Foundation: human rights, education, and the arts. These areas of giving go straight to the heart of what we believe in as a company—by championing the arts, we’re able to ensure a future for creative thought, which is the foundation to any artistically motivated organization, while the human rights component continues to build on our advocacy for equality to all. The educational branch allows us to mentor the fashion industry’s next generation of leaders.

With an eye to education specifically, we’ve created Summer Intensive programs for both high school and college students, offering them exposure to all aspects of the Barneys New York business and the fashion industry at large in two separate 5-week sessions.

barneys new york foundation
The five college students who participated in our inaugural summer intensive pose with the Barneys employees who served as each of their individual mentors throughout the five-week program.

We’ve also put our beliefs into practice with large-scale efforts like our holiday #LovePeaceJoyProject campaign—which generated support for both the Russell Westbrook Why Not Foundation and STYLEFUND, an organization created by Amy Schumer and Leesa Evans—and store windows like our recent We Will Be project in solidarity with women’s empowerment. On a regional level, we’ve hosted a variety of charitable events, like those for UNICEF, The Children’s Research Fund, JCC Manhattan, and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, to name just a few of the 17 organizations we’ve supported through this model.

barneys new york foundation
Store windows in our Chicago flagship lent support to the Children’s Research Fund in conjunction with an event that contributed a portion of sales to the organization.

As much as we love looking back at these accomplishments, we also want to keep an eye looking forward at the exciting projects the Barneys New York Foundation has in the works. In the coming months, we’ll be supporting San Francisco’s Raphael House, UNICEF Philadelphia, and Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), so be sure to keep checking back here to see all this and more of the incredible work the Foundation is doing.