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Designer Scott Sternberg‘s clothes are basically an extension of his own personality—he’s cool, laid-back and never takes himself too seriously. Likewise, anyone wearing his signature line, Band of Outsiders, looks good without looking like they’re trying too hard—not an easy balance.

Needless to say, we were pretty psyched to team up with Scott on an exclusive line for Barneys New York with the fitting name of No Bunk No Junk. We asked Scott to give the full rundown on the collection below…


What differentiates No Bunk No Junk from your other collections?
It’s very focused, very New York, primarily black and white, has a nifty orange label, and can only be found at Barneys New York.

Tell us about the name.
“No Bunk, No Junk, No Imitations” is one of the original Barneys slogans from back in the day when it was primarily selling men’s suits downtown. Seemed like a good name for what was intended to be a streamlined, straightforward collection designed specifically with the Barneys customer in mind. Jay Bell (Barneys’ vice president of men’s designer collections and contemporary sportswear) found an old matchbook that was some form of swag back in the day and sent it our way. We used it as inspiration for the label.

How does Barneys’ heritage play into the aesthetic?
There is always a strong focus on our hand-tailored suiting in the collection, which is a big part of Barneys’ history and heritage. There’s also a focus on black and white, which I’ve always associated with a certain heyday of Barneys, when all of Wall Street was decked out in a black Armani suit they bought at your store.

1. Baseball tee; 2. Toggle coat; 3. Varsity jacket; 4. Mélange herringbone shirt; 5. Mini-houndstooth sport shirt; 6. Herringbone school boy blazer; 7. Striped pullover

Any favorite pieces for spring? 
My favorite pieces are the outerwear: utility windbreakers and Balmacaans in waxed cottons and washed-out colors.

Tell us about the pops of color in the spring collection. Love that blue. 
Thanks. The collection was inspired by 1950s movie musicals like West Side Story and Singin’ in the Rain, and the palette was taken right out of the brilliant Technicolor in those films.

Who is the typical No Bunk No Junk guy? 
Same as the Band guy—someone looking for well made, well fitted classics that feel both familiar and utterly fresh.

Lando Calrissian

What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?
I’m from Dayton, Ohio, and not at all ashamed of it.

Why did you decide to become a designer?
I had the overwhelming and innate desire to make things, to make a physical product that was replicated and sold in the marketplace, and I knew more about clothes than any other product I could think of making. It was really that simple.

If you could dress any guy—living, dead or fictional—who would it be?
Lando Calrissian (The Empire Strikes Back).

As a Los Angeles-based designer, what is the biggest difference between West Coast and East Coast style?
We’re more laid-back out here, and we don’t need as many coats.


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