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Born in Italy, Francesca traveled around the world for 10 years before settling in Mexico, where she runs Coqui Coqui, a favorite hideout among the fashion set, and Hacienda Montaecristo, a collection of handcrafted silk scarves.

Amanda Brooks: How do you define luxury?
FB: For me, luxury is being able to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of things, places and relationships.

AB: Which Delvaux bag do you carry and why?
FB: I carry the Delvaux Tempête MM in black Box Calf leather because it is delicate, practical, chic and elegant.

AB: What is your philosophy on handbags? Do you believe in wearing one great handbag or do you like to mix it up depending on your outfit and mood?
FB: I think a good handbag is the one that will last forever; I love the classics. But I do love to mix up my bag according to my outfit or my plans for the day.



Zani is a Tribeca-based jewelry designer and philanthropist who draws inspiration for her two jewelry lines, Filigrana by Zani and Santo, from her Peruvian heritage.

AB: How do you incorporate the classic style of the Delvaux bag into your wardrobe?
ZG: I have a pretty low-key style—jeans and boots are basically my everyday uniform—so I rarely end up pairing it with anything too formal or fussy. It’s a statement piece, but it never looks stiff or contrived.

AB: When deciding on a handbag, what do you find most important?
ZG: Quality and construction that get better, not worse, with age. I carry the Brillant GM, and it just gets more elegant the more I wear it in—it has character. I also love that the inside is so organized—I never have to dig around for my wallet or cell phone like I do with a hobo bag.

AB: What Delvaux bag will you be carrying this spring?
ZG: The new Brillant MM in emerald green!



Carmen’s career as a model has spanned six decades (she landed her first Vogue cover when she was 15), during which she collaborated with some of the world’s greatest photographers, including Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Cecil Beaton.

AB: What does the Delvaux bag represent to you?
CD: After 60-plus years as a fashion model, I still enjoy being a trendsetter with my own personal style. I always look forward to seeing Delvaux’s new creations each season, along with the latest updates of their original designs. With a Delvaux bag, new or updated, you know you’re getting a product with an impressive tradition of master craftsmanship and exceptional expertise.

AB: What purpose does a handbag serve in your life?
CD: As a model, I travel extensively, and these bags are perfect anywhere around the world. I just toss in everything I need—passport, iPhone, a gorgeous lipstick—and I’m good to go.

AB: The Delvaux bag is both timeless and ageless. What do you think makes it accessible to all generations?
CD: Like the Delvaux bag, class is both timeless and ageless—not a secret or a fad. Class is enduring style, taste, artistry and quality. Class is forever and for everyone, young or old.

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Images courtesy of Jake Davis.