Alternative jewelry is in the midst of a transition from a style choice to style staple. Whether it’s a hoop, cuff, stud, or choker, these edgy accessories are building a fashion presence that’s both sleek and sharp.

Regardless of whether you pursue this style or simply ponder over it, this is a trend that cannot be ignored, which is entirely its point. Alternative jewelry is often designed with the objective to make you stop, and appreciate the varied beauty of artfully designed and purposely severe earrings and chokers or simple studs in not so classic positions on the ear.

Repossi’s latest take on the bold trend features a staple earring style (pictured above) that begs to be tried on your next visit to Barneys stores. Interested in alt-jewelry but not ready to commit to another piercing? Designers like Repossi, Ana Khouri, Ileana Makri, and Hirotaka are creating one-of-a-kind earrings, cuffs, nose rings, and oversized hoops that don’t always require an extra hole.

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